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ichrogene uses personal big genetic information to provide a gene service. We are attempting to implement personal data banking which builds personal gene, lifestyle, and Microbiome data.


DNA-Phenotype Big Data Development

Artificial Intelligence

AI-Based Prediction Model

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Cloud Based Genetic Testing & Anaysis

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Features of ichrogene, Inc.

ichrogene, Inc. provides accurate DNA data and individual gene constitution analysis service. Those who agree with the terms of researches will be provided with whole personal DNA data. Once you use the ichrogene gene service, you can use the continuously updated service anytime without requiring any further DNA sampling. However, other gene services obtain DNA sequence data from a part of all genes so they require inconvenient further DNA sampling for new services. You can use the different services of ichrogene through a one-time DNA sampling and continuous file uploading. The ichrogene service provides reliable genetic information with analysis from experienced bioinformation and genetics researchers. Alongside this, the computing and data security experts of ichrogene will secure your DNA and other data safely.

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Provides genetic analysis results of various items, including disease, cancer, and adult diseases


Over 600,000 total genomic SNPs per person