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03.30.2020 Service launch


iSearchme DNA Data Upload Analysis Service

Got your DNA data from ichrogene, 23andme, Ancestry, or MyHeritage?
Sign up for iSearchme to get more extensive and accurate DNA analysis with 100+ genetic predispositions.

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Step 1
Sign up for iSearchme

Very simple. Only requires e-mail verification.No credit card required.

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Step 2
Upload your Whole Genome Sequence Data

Upload your DNA data from 23andme, Ancestry, or MyHeritage to iSearchme. Have iSearchme analyze your data for a further report about yourself.

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Step 3
Check the result

Review your report using the website or ichrogene app.

iSearchme Analysis Traits

From 60 traits serviced in 2019, ichrogene is expanding the serviced traits with over 140 genetic predispositions through extensive research. You can access all from iSearchme.

Other than the sample traits above, more various traits will be serviced.

Quick and Easy!
My Genome Analysis .

At CES 2020, try iSearchme first at ichrogene booth.

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Continuous updates

Upload your data once, get access to your continuously updated report.
Simply, Just Drag & Drop.


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